OFF Programming 2017


Thank you for your interest in the 27th St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, happening May 29th – June 18th 2017. We encourage everyone to take part! Applications to our OFF Programming are open from Tuesday, January 17th at 6PM (Eastern) to Friday, February 17th at 6PM (Eastern).

Companies hoping to play in the OFF FRINGE must get in touch with us before applying. Call us with questions at 514-849-3367 (office hours 2-6PM Tuesday-Saturday), or email Applications are entirely online this year. We encourage all interested to attend our OFF Info Session, taking place Tuesday February 7th, 7PM at MainLine Theatre, 3997 boul. Saint-Laurent. Facebook event:

If you are a band who wants to play the FRINGE Park or if you want to collaborate on a special event, do not submit an OFF Performance Application. Please contact to discuss.


OFF Info Session: 7PM February 7th, 2017, at MainLine Theatre
OFF Applications due: February 17th, 2017
OFF Dropout Deadline: February 24th, 2017
Festival Dates: May 29 – June 18 2017
OFF Show Dates: May 30 – June 18, 2017


How the OFF FRINGE works

ACCEPTING COMPANIES. Priority for acceptance of OFF Companies is based on a first-come first-accepted basis, depending on the feasibility of your project, up to the discretion of the festival’s Executive and Artistic Director. We hope to be able to accept all companies wanting to present an OFF Show, but as OFF shows require a particular kind of care, we limit it to the amount of extra venues we believe we can handle. Applying does not mean your show will be accepted. You must be in touch with us at if you are considering applying.

YOUR COMPANY. To ensure equitable access to the festival, the FRINGE will only accept one show per company. If you send more than one OFF application, only one will be accepted. You may not change the name of your company after we receive the application form. It is strictly forbidden to sell or give away your slot to another company.

What the FRINGE does for OFF Companies:
– We provide Advance Box Office services;
– We include your venue is our Insurance Policy;
– We list your show in the FRINGE Program, Master Schedule & Website;
– We provide access to our Media List and Press Package;
– We invite you to attend our Publicity Workshops;
– You will be invited to perform in the FRINGE-for-All press preview show and other promotional opportunities.

What you do:
– You apply and pay an application fee based on the capacity of one of your performances;
– You find and pay for your own venue, equipment and technician. (WE MUST APPROVE YOUR VENUE for safety and insurance reasons);
– You rehearse your show;
– You publicize your show (we give you workshops and media lists to help you);
– You set your own ticket prices (up to a maximum of $10.00) and you keep 100% of that (we add service charges);
– You provide your own floats and front of house staff (who we will train before the festival);
– You decide your own schedule and how many shows you want to perform between May 30 and June 18. Please note that shows may start at 12 noon at the earliest, and end by 12:30 midnight at the latest (10PM on June 18th, night of the Frankie Awards!).


TWO KINDS OF SHOWS – Site Specific and BYOV 

A Site Specific show is one that cannot be done in one of our regular venues. In the past these shows have taken place in a pool hall, as two characters played a game of pool, or a parking lot, or in a kitchen or living room. They are non-traditional shows in non-traditional spaces.

A BYOV show takes place in a traditional venue that you rent yourself. It would be a good idea to team up with another company or companies to share a venue. A venue can be whatever you want it to be, but how many tickets you will be able to sell will depend on how closely it conforms to the festival’s Fire Regulations. First and foremost, location, location, location. In order to maintain a festival atmosphere we ask that all the venues be within walking distance of the FRINGE Park located at the corner of Saint-Laurent blvd. and Rachel St.



Where should I look for a venue?
The perimeter is generally Sherbrooke Street along the South, Berri Street along the East, Parc to the West and Fairmount to the North. This is a fertile breeding ground for cafés, bars, lofts, empty storefronts and art galleries. Many of the have varying degrees of lighting, sound, and stage equipment already available.

So, I’m just supposed to walk into a bar or gallery and ask if I can do my show there as part of the FRINGE?

What kind of deal should I be working out with them?
This varies. Some bars are happy enough to let you perform for free before 10PM. You keep the door; they keep the bar. Some places will insist you only do Pay-what-you-can, others may want a split of the door. YOU are responsible for whatever deal you make with them. MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!! We will need a copy of the contract. Remember, if something feels too good to be true, it probably is. If something feels fishy, follow your instincts. Most bar owners and landlords are business people… business people are not known for their altruism. Make sure you protect yourself. If you want to run something by the  FRINGE for a second opinion before you sign anything, feel free.

Can the FRINGE give us equipment?

How much should I expect to make?
Here comes the BIG FAT WARNING portion of this application. In recent years, OFF shows have done increasingly well, but they can still be a hard sell. Doing an OFF show means extra work and extra risk because you’ll be finding, renting, equipping and staffing your venue at your own expense and then promoting your show to make back the extra costs. One thing that can make it cheaper is to team up with other companies!

How do ticket sales work?
The FRINGE will print your tickets and take care of your Advance sales. Tickets will be available by phone, online, or at the Central Box Office up to two hours before your show. The FRINGE will NOT sell tickets at the door of your venue. This means you are responsible for your own door sales (finding your own venue manager). You will have to provide a person (who we will train) to sell tickets at the door starting one hour before your show. This is another good reason to team up with other OFF companies, your partners can sell tickets for your show; you can sell tickets to their show.

Great! Are there any advantages to doing an OFF show?
You get to make your own schedule with performances from May 30 – June 18 2017,  which may start at 12 noon at the earliest, and end by 12:30 midnight at the latest (10PM on June 18th, night of the Frankie Awards!). Our regular shows get six performances at a variety of times. An OFF Company could potentially perform every night at 8PM, or every night at 8PM and 10PM!


PAYMENT + APPLICATION – Please read carefully

In order for your application to be complete, we require:

  • Filling in the application form:
  • Payment of your $ 55 Admin Fee  ;
  • A copy of your contract with your venue (to be sent to

Once we have all of these, we require:

  • Payment of your Application Fee (sliding scale based on your venue capacity, see below) via PayPal. You have 48 hours to complete payment upon reception of the PayPal invoice.

Payment Method
As part of our transition to a fully online application process, we are taking payments through PayPal. PayPal accounts connect with your bank and allow you to select various methods of payments, but it is also possible to pay with a credit card without a PayPal account. If you require any assistance or need to discuss alternative methods, please contact

Administration Fee
This fee is non refundable and is required in order to complete your application. We require a payment of $47.84 + taxes ($55) via PayPal – the link will show up after your form is submitted.

Application Fee
This fee is based on the capacity of your venue (how many patrons can be seated per performance). Upon reception of this form, we will send you an invoice via PayPal, to be paid in the following 48 hours.

The fees are as follows:
1 – 24 patrons – $430.53 + taxes ($495)
25 – 49 patrons – $447.92 + taxes ($515)
50 – 74 patrons – $495.76 + taxes ($570)
75+ patrons – $556.64 + taxes ($640)

Additional Fees / Penalties
In order to ensure smoother functioning of OFF Venues at the festival, the FRINGE reserves the right to charge your company additional fees which may be deducted from your box office revenues. The following infractions will incur a penalty (first infraction $25, each subsequent infraction $200):

  • Failure to send your box office volunteers/staff for training by Fringe Festival staff;
  • Failure to provide adequate box office services to the public;
  • Failure to pick up your box office package 90 min prior to show time and return it to headquarters within 45 minutes of your final performance of the day.

– If you’re accepted and withdraw before February 24th, 2017, you get your money back (minus the non-refundable Administration Fee)
– If you’re accepted and withdraw after February 24th, 2017, the entire fee is non-refundable.