Des hommes et des femmes enchaînent les relations et les échecs dans une quête ultime de sens, de vérité et d’égalité. Est-il encore possible de survivre sans le regard de l’autre? #soif, ce n’est pas un conte de fées, c’est l’amour moderne. Dans toute sa splendeur et son égocentrisme.

– Une idée.
– Une idée que la femme est une fonction.
– Une idée qu’on pense la femme en terme de fonction.
– Une idée que les femmes nous sont utiles.
– Une idée qu’on pense les femmes en fonction de leur utilité.
– Des femmes-fonction. Des femmes utiles.

I have farted myself awake in a strangers bed, taken a pregnancy test in a food court bathroom, and watched my 26 year old boyfriend almost die from a heart-attack. All the ingredients to make…A BITTER SHREW

A movement based piece exploring themes of play… childhood…identity…time…growth… All in a, perhaps convoluted but certainly strange, Lynchian non-narative.

Based on the true story of his life, Kevin Carter, Pulitzer-winning photographer, confronts God, his inner Vulture and himself as he is shattered by the loss of his best-friend Ken and his last reasons to live. All stories deserve to be told, but some can be too difficult to hold.

A young adult’s experience confronting ALL the side effects of Stage 4 Cancer and beyond.

A Thousand Kindnesses is a one-woman show by award-winning Scottish theatre practitioner Rachel Jury. Exploring migration, asylum, and kindness based on interviews with people with experience of these issues, it is also the story of how her Dad was kind and how she didn’t want to be like him.

Broken lives struggle for direction in the ZigZag, an urban crossroads for lost souls and wacky misfits. Join them at Café Simone, at a cosmetics counter, near a park bench, by a dumpster and on a stakeout. In one moment everything can change, imagine what happens in five.

Je pogne des ciseaux. Je me coupe le poil pour qu’y soit beau. J’en garde un peu. Ça fait mon charme, faut que je m’en souvienne. Je coupe en biseau. Ça fera moins mal si on me caresse.

Cette production a été annulée. / This show has been cancelled.

Two and a third women serve up a double dose of prose as the sun sets and the ice melts. A horticulturalist dreams of columbine and rue in the everlasting Arctic light. Further South, a woman dips her toes in dark arts and muses on the magic of blackness.

A South Park meets Avenue Q style musical set on Wall Street. Jacob, a successful stock broker, falls in love with Catherine, an underprivileged teller, as the financial world crashes around them. Complete with appearances from Ronald Lump, The Middle Class and the greatest class of all: Bums.

In a secret city developing a new weapon to end World War II, a scientist and his assistant plunge into a forbidden love affair. They soon discover that there are some endeavors more volatile than splitting the atom. And just as explosive.

boKa rencontre Mazy incongrûment. Socialement inapte, Mazy est bousculé par la curiosité du sensible boKa et ensemble, ils exploreront, image par image, les relations humaines. boKa meets Mazy incongruously. Socially inept Mazy is shaken by sensitive boKa’s curiosity, and together, they will explore human relationships, frame by frame.

Bâtardes. Pas d’ici, ni d’ailleurs. Mélangées. Deux sœurs. Deux identités. Canada, Tibet. Tu viens d’où?

The best dam show! Laissez monsieur castor vous transporter dans une aventure incroyable à travers les forêts du Québec, sous la menace croissante des édifications de l’homme. Get wet witnessing a side of beaver life you’ve never seen. Une production originale de Lost & Found Puppet Co. with puppetry, clowning and animation.

Sitcom Burlesque takes you back ALL THE WAY! We all know and love Bedrock but what happens when the lights go out? Join all your favourite characters for a night of misadventure, music, dance and, of course, Burlesque. It’ll have you shouting YABBA DABBA BOOOOBS!!!

When Janis and Jujube, two plucky performers from another dimension receive a mysterious letter, they embark on a quest with their Travelling Exhibition of the Bizarro Obscure. They’ll sing, dance and befriend the weird, because Bizarro Obscure is an ode to the oddest of us ***** -CBC

Two of Canada’s most celebrated Fringe artists, comedian Alastair Knowles (of 14-time BEST-OF-FEST winners James & Jamesy) and choreographer Stephanie Morin-Robert (For Body And Light) mix a hilarious and extravagant comedy cocktail celebrating love on the edge of humanity “Fascinating. Ingenious. Intelligent.””This daring and creative production must not be underestimated.”

Elle ouvre la porte. Elles sont deux. Et derrière elles, c’est le désert, c’est terrifiant. Quelques grains de sable entrent dans la maison, le vent. Les femmes entrent aussi. Elle ferme la porte.

Présenté en anglais ou en français / Presented in English or in French.
(Cliquez ici pour l’horaire des représentations en français.)

Contributions volontaires à la porte. / Pay-What-You-Can at the door.

Enwrapped in existential crisis, two cashiers escape into their dreams, where carrots dance, their overbearing boss is a garlic monster, and they can finally beat their rival checkout in a synchronized swimming competition. And you thought you knew your local grocery store. A hilarious, high-energy comedy for the whole family.

Présenté en anglais ou en français / Presented in English or in French.
(Click here for the schedule of performance in English.)

Contributions volontaires à la porte. / Pay-What-You-Can at the door.

Enwrapped in existential crisis, two cashiers escape into their dreams, where carrots dance, their overbearing boss is a garlic monster, and they can finally beat their rival checkout in a synchronized swimming competition. And you thought you knew your local grocery store. A hilarious, high-energy comedy for the whole family.

Camp Wanapoke is a retro improvised narrative starring some of Montreal’s hottest improvisers as the most raucous and hormonal bunch of camp counselors to ever be responsible for other people’s kids! Using an audience suggestion these crazy kids will weave tales of romance, betrayal, adventure and most importantly, making out!

The musical saga continues in… A NEW DAWN. In the not too distant future, when our planet’s President forms an alliance with an evil extraterrestrial empire, it will be up to Captain Aurora and her SkyGuard to save the Republic of Earth… Will they be ready? Mass musical mayhem!

A one-clown-show which will take you on a journey through pantomime and a variety of instruments. Sharing his insights and experiences gained while traveling, working and performing around the world, you’ll bounce from construction catastrophe to indian baba cool and be hypnotised by his hilariously expressive face!

In this solo production, Performer/Choreographer Nika Stein strips choreography to the essentials of emotional expression. Un voyage de libération à travers différents émotions allant des plus souffrantes comme la peur et la peine à la circulation du plaisir dans le corps. WARNING: EXPLICIT EMOTIONAL CONTENT, NUDITY, AND HAPPY ENDING!

A full-bodied story of escape, lust, a Man, and of course coffee.

In Cornstarch and Other Dilemmas, Schwartz and Hart explore a spectrum of compassion and aggression. The piece investigates the cyclical and interdependent tendencies of the characters, showing the audience a snapshot of their coexistence.

A sharp new comedy from the Frankie-award-winning creators of solo hits PALEONCOLOGY and BAKER’S DOZEN: 12 Angry Puppets. Two public television puppeteers come under increasing pressure and go head-to-head after a scandal hits the network. Half adult tragicomedy, half kids’ television show. Original music! Codependency! PUPPETS!!

Après s’être perdus de vue, six amis du secondaire se retrouvent. Leur passé devient alors le protagoniste de la soirée. On ressasse, on replonge : l’ironie de leur vie, leurs révoltes, leur rencontre. Et que reste-t-il d’eux-mêmes aujourd’hui?

Deux jeunes créateurs perdus à travers leurs fantasmes, leurs craintes, leur désir absolu de dire quelque chose. Mais que dire? Tout a été dit, dit-on. Arrive un constat : “On n’a encore rien dit, nous autres”. JE n’a pas été dit. NOUS n’a pas été dit. À partir de là, tout est possible.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Demetrios Karamanis has accused himself of sucking ass; the penalty for which is that he must stop pretending to be an artist and get a real job. “Dude, You Suck!” is a new experiment by the creator of Johnny Legdick and No One Like Hugh. With puppets!

A brother is forced to return home for his mother’s funeral and is confronted by his estranged twin sister. Haunted by days gone by, will he be able to face his sorrow and guilt and let go of his past?

Former triathlete Mia has a new best friend, Pain. She can’t beat her up. She can’t drink her away. Drugs aren’t working, And the doctors don’t seem to believe that she’s real. And then one day, Mia decides She’s had ENOUGH ALREADY. This is a play about what happens next.

Jo-Mé Dance celebrates their 5th year as a Boston-based company. Founded in 2011, Jo-Mé Dance has grown into many divisions, giving young to professional dancers an opportunity to share their artistry. EVOLUTION brings back audience favorites in Jo-Mé Repertory, from high-energy to emotional pieces, and presents two new exciting works.

Extreme states; rupture or rapture? A young woman experiences a mental breakdown and breakthrough, a rebirth from her own body. An older woman turns from outer reality to inner images and psychedelic voyages. Both remember the voice from the depths, the beat from the ground.

La femme âgée. La femme violentée. La femme-objet. Trois chorégraphes masculins ont été invités à venir exprimer en mouvement leur vision artistique sur la puissance de la femme dite vulnérable. Sur scène, trois jeunes interprètes feminine performent et s’affirment. F E M est œuvre chorégraphique criante dédiée à la femme.

Le monde va bien mal! Exploitation abusive des ressources naturelles, animales et humaines… Constatons les dégâts mais parlons plus longuement des solutions. Des personnages, inspirés du livre sacré des maya, vous permettent d’être des héros de la consommation durable le temps d’une session de jeu vidéo!
The world is not doing well! We abuse natural, animal and human resources shamelessly! Let’s look at the damages but also at the solutions. Two characters inspired by the Mayan sacred mythology will allow you to be sustainability heroes during a video game session. You, yes you: stop being passive. Come and play! 

Death and other common experiences… coffee, lightning, flash-floods, laundry and a pinch of salt. Winners of Leipzig’s PALAZZO Award and Hollywood Fringe’s BLAFF Award. After 5 months performing in Europe, these exceptional physical performers bring their latest to Canada. “Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.” – Montreal Hour “GO.” LA Weekly “Incredible” NY Times

FOLIE’S FOLLIES, Three short plays by Michael Folie about relationships, the good, the bad, and the absurd.

Formules de divagations littéraires est un happening où l’amoureuse mallarméenne a autant sa place que votre neveu de dix ans passionné par les folles aventures d’un sorcier de 13 ans. Un laboratoire littéraire décomplexé; voilà ce que vous propose la compagnie Le mot froissé. Pour votre plaisir, et celui des quatre comédiens, venez assister à la transformation de textes classiques à la manière oulipienne. Un régal auditif.

A bitter and melodramatic refrigerator shares his inner turmoil. Can a tomato and a red apple live happily ever after? Come witness a quirky and darkly comical tale of star-crossed lovers… in a fridge… WITH PUPPETS!

Congratulations! You’ve been selected by your peers to relocate your existence to the semi-beautiful, quasi-cleanly, and fully (f)un-safe paradise, Garbage Person Island! No time to waste! We’ve packed your bags, canceled your appointments, and slapped your loved ones goodbye! WELCOME TO YOUR BRAND NEW LIFE.

Travel first. Ask questions later! Follow Jem’s intercontinental trail of comic blunders. As he sheds skins, dignity and the sensible. In jungles, markets, citadels and more. On an un-epic quest to lose himself. “Stellar reputation”, Montreal Times. “Beloved performer”, Montreal Gazette. Winner first Lifetime Spirit Of Fringe Award, Montreal 2015.

Come join Montreal, via Dundalk (Ireland), based performer, Laura Flynn, on her first solo Montreal FRINGE adventure. A fun-filled ride exploring the absurd banality of human nature. Cards will be shuffled. Cards will be chosen. Silliness and discovery will unfold.

What do you get when a Quebecoise woman, a 22 year old grad student, and an Orthodox Jewish man show up to a motel room for an anonymous rendezvous? Honesty is a play that asks the audience member to peel off some layers and look into their true Self.

From the drag house that brought you the dazzling Fringe 2015 production “Laureen: Queen of the Tundra” – Enter through the backdoor and discover a magical world of wonder and naughty secrets. Put aside your apprehensions and misconceptions, House of Laureen will guide you… BACKSTAGE!

Un monologue à deux voix nous entraine dans une course nocturne folle et crasse à travers Dublin. Cet épopée tragique transformera le destin de Howie et du Rookie à travers les épreuves du matelas galeux, des poissons guerriers, des “bottes” avec la soeur monstre, du combat contre l’enfant-pudding et de la rage commune de la Mouche, de LadyBoy et de tout les autres représentants de cette jeunesse perdue. L’humour noir rencontre la mythologie dans ce récit, un feu roulant qui tient en haleine et qui dérange.

“Tell me something from when I was little. It doesn’t have to be well said, just give me anything. Give me me.” Truthful, compassionate and warmly funny I Do I Don’t traces the forgotten past of our storyteller, filling in the gaps through recounted memories of her family.

À cause de circonstances exceptionnelles, ce spectacle s’est retiré du festival. Tout achat de billets sera remboursé.

This show has pulled out of the festival due to exceptional circumstances. All pre-sales will be refunded.

Cette production a été annulée. / This show has been cancelled.

Jon Bennett (5x Just For Laughs Award nominee/Moth Story Slam Winner) was a great junior footballer in Australia. He was set to ‘MAKE IT’ until he started playing with men… real men. His football career came crashing down when a community tragedy made him re-evaluate his life. ***** Sunday Mail (UK)

Judith ou De ton corps je me ferai une nappe c’est une confrontation entre les principes de courage, d’orgueil et d’amour. À partir d’anciens écrits, cette œuvre vient témoigner de destins quotidiens et épiques qui s’entre-déchirent. Décapiter celui qui oublie de baisser la siège de la toilette. Judith contre Holopherne. Mais surtout Judith contre Judith.

Visit the Museum of the Circus of Mark Jumper’s Memory, where can be found Objects of Interest for the curious, Music Made-In-Person for the under-entertained, and Theatrical Reenactments for those who were not there. *All fabrications have been gathered from authentic Circus sources and appraised for confirmation by Mr. Jumper.

Deux hommes que tout sépare se retrouvent à marchander le prix de l’unique chaise d’une salle d’attente. Sur fond d’humour grinçant se livre un combat défiant toute logique et poussant à bout la réflexion sur notre rapport à la possession.

Performance non verbale, visuelle et musicale, dans laquelle l’artiste crée, puis détruit un autoportrait au rythme des percussions.

Ladies Advice for Ladies: a satirical cabaret for ladies, gentlemen, and all who are both or neither.

The remaining performances of this show have moved to CHEZ BORIS, a few doors south at 5151 Av du Parc.


Allégorie dans laquelle Ponce Pilate et Judas comparaissent devant un tribunal de l’Histoire. Leur responsabilité dans la mort de Jésus ne servira que de prétexte à des échanges sur la vérité, le remords, le pardon, la justice. Un ovni théâtral.

« Avant, c’était seulement un sentiment. Personne n’était au courant. Même moi. Comme une tache de naissance cachée derrière l’oreille. Cette intuition a grossi et prend maintenant toute la place. Hier, j’ai levé les bras dans les airs et ma peau a craqué dans mon dos. »

Russie. 1905. Un groupe de terroristes, appartenant au parti socialiste révolutionnaire, organise un attentat à la bombe contre le grand-duc Serge. Ces grandes ombres – leur juste révolte, leur fraternité difficile, leur justification de la violence – parviendront-elles, par la force, à libérer le peuple et la nation de la tyrannie?

Les signes du Zodiaque! Impossible à ignorer… Nous en avons toujours entendu parler, mais d’où viennent ces symboles hantant nos vies? Grèce antique, étoiles, sexe, légendes, GUITARE! Intrigué? Viens me voir en show et laisse-moi te les raconter à ma façon… ton horoscope te le conseille!

Tranches de vie de Paulette la paralysée, Huguette l’amoureuse et Mariette la grincheuse, 3 vieilles femmes vivant la solitude et la maltraitance quotidienne dans un centre d’hébergements pour personnes âgées.

Léthargie collective, un spectacle de danse contemporaine percutant. Cette pièce chorégraphique inspirée de l’allégorie de la caverne dénonce les comportements aliénants liés à l’utilisation massive des nouvelles technologies. Une expérience sensorielle qui vous fera prendre conscience de votre propre relation au monde virtuel. Êtes-vous réellement prêt?

Why are we here? What happens when we die? Is it safe to hand wash cashmere? Lisa Pedace mixes stand-up comedy, cabaret and more as she tackles life’s BIG questions and lots of little ones too. Also some medium-sized questions. Winner, Outstanding World Premiere Award – 2015 San Diego International Fringe.

Miss Sugarpuss is in trouble! Since the attempt on her life six years ago, she’s been hiding out in Paris’ bohemian underground, trying to make it as an artiste. But when a mysterious stranger’s arrival throws a wrench in her flimsy plans, her very existence suddenly hangs in the balance.

Cordelia Weatherbee is in love with a mannequin. Her husband, Carson Weatherbee, is dead. Someone at the party is to blame and Cordelia knows everyone’s secrets. Welcome to Oakside Manor, where money is no object, love has no boundaries, and you might be a murderer. This party’s just getting started!

At 22, Andrew Bailey lived and worked at Windsor Castle amongst knights and royalty. Now he’s touring Fringe festivals. This is the story of where things went wrong. “Bailey has perfected the formula for funny” –Monday Magazine. “Finally, a storyteller with something to say” –The Edmonton Journal

« Awouèye mon beau rabiboché, je te prends pour monture, tu me prends pour parure ! […] On part à l’aventure ! » Épopée fantasmagorique à une voix. Une femme. Une métamorphose. Dans une forêt aux couleurs psychédéliques, une corneille sera véhicule d’une quête insoupçonnée…

Are you sometimes a little too loud? Does your face give away your acute displeasures? Great! You might be a messy bitch. Put on your bitch face, take a shot of whisky, and join Jessica Rae in her one woman show about why we all need to become bitches.

Miranda is curating a used underwear archive. Her boyfriend Dave is stalking women – experimentally. Her sister Eden is tired of giving blowjobs. Is this the end, or just the beginning?

Two friends begin their journey toward becoming producers. Their task: to find a show worthy of Montreal’s Fringe Festival—or else. While being pitched shows, they’ll discover strange new music, overly-ambitious playwrights, friendship, and the true meaning of “low budget”.

D’amour, wordless, asexué, com-MUTE-ication, puppets. Signals are lost dans cette histoire of Puppets, technologie, and communication. “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” | “La chose la plus importante dans la communication est d’entendre ce qu’on ne dit pas.” – Peter Drucker

Like a TED talk that falls apart, NAKED LADIES seeks to answer the question why women get naked on stage. A combination of performance art, history lecture and storytelling, NAKED LADIES speaks to the crisis around the naked female body, trying to understand its contested position between stigma and celebration.

The spectators are early, her lover is late, and the players are due any minute. Not the best time to question what she’s doing here, waiting to get naked in a room full of strangers, but with 60 minutes before the game starts, it’s all the time she has left.

No means yes: Un essai chorégraphique qui traduit un point de vue féminin sur la question sensible et complexe du consentement, dans son sens large et quotidien PARADE: Manifestation voyante, de séquences d’actes moteurs ritualisés, destinée à retenir l’attention de l’éventuel partenaire sexuel. Mais qu’en est-il de l’évocation de l’amour sensuel?

Ce spectacle vient de se retirer du festival. Tout achat de billets sera remboursé. (June 10)

This show has just pulled out of the festival. All pre-sales will be refunded. (10 juin)

Humans are weird and they do weird things! This is a one-man stand-up comedy show exploring who we are, where we’ve come from, and what’s coming for us. It’s the meaning of life as a human, through the lenses of religion, sex, money, technology, and politics.

Set in the garden of Eden, four women sing through the struggles of their own rebellion, heartbreak and rebirth. Capturing both the pain and beauty of coming of age through song and movement, Origin: A Story Through Song is a nearly ritualistic performance experience. The music and lyrics by Caroline Gauthier feature the naked voice, ranging from heart wrenching a cappella Blues to ethereal harmonies.

Multiple performers will explore and share their own real life experiences on the theme of “silent struggle” and “mental health”, through a variety of performance mediums.

Avez-vous rencontré l’amour grâce à une maladie et un génocide ? Moi oui. Je suis donc un optimiste infatigable qui sème de la vie partout où il passe. Ne vous inquiétez pas, je n’ai qu’un seul enfant. Du moins que je connaisse.

Following January’s ‘Conspiracy!’ at Mainline Theatre, Chocolate Moose is back with ‘Plays by Kids’. This show is written by kids, performed by adults, and fun for the whole family. Join us as we visit worlds yet to be discovered!

“ pis le moment où y’aura des zombies sur la terre, ou des extraterrestres, ou des Carrés Rouges, j’vais pas tirer… juste que si je le fais, je vais regretter man, je le sens… de tirer sur quelque chose de vivant…” Quatre dudes. Chez Frank. À Laval.

1943. Un homme meurt seul, à l’âge de trente-et-un ans. Après avoir coupé tout contact avec la société, après avoir révolutionné la poésie québécoise et retiré son recueil des librairies, après avoir passé sa vie à prier Dieu de l’épargner de l’enfer en se sachant gravement malade; Saint-Denys Garneau nous laisse un journal et une poésie simple, directe et bouleversante.

Rashômon présente une des histoires du livre éponyme de l’écrivain Akutagawa se déroulant dans un Japon historique. Un inspecteur enquête sur un meurtre qui s’est produit dans un boisé ; à tour de rôle, sept suspects aux personnalités diverses viennent donner leur version des faits.

Révolver. Un mot. Un objet. Une pièce. Une pièce en quatre scènes. Quatre scènes sur une scène. De théâtre. Quatre scènes de théâtre mettant en vedette… un révolver. Quatre fois. Sur une scène. De théâtre. P.S.: Il y aura des coups de feu. Raison: Présence d’un révolver. Quatre fois.

Five strangers sought refuge from reality and found themselves woven together by destiny.

The friendship of three small town Canadian boys is tested. Tensions rise with the second world war quickly approaching. Will they follow the path their fathers chose in the first world war? A story of friendship, love, pacifism and morality.

Have you ever had that dream, where you’re in your underwear in public… except it’s real life and you can never wake up? A “comedy of errors” full of awkward and humiliating encounters, as Carlyn navigates through life, attempting to “adult”.

Is it all over? What’s left of the communist ideal, now that the great revolutions of the last century have been defeated? London, UK and BBC Slam Poetry champion David Lee Morgan spits rhythm, rhyme and intense lyrics over music composed by Michael Harding of Animat.

Thomas Leclair, fils de générations de policiers «de pères en fils et de mères en filles», a des choses à dire. Pis surtout, à crier. Bref, on te jase d’injustices sociales variées, en français comme en anglais. Pis tout en mouvement. Avec une dizaine d’acteurs sur scène. Pis bin des chaises.

From a swamp in Muskoka to the streets of Paris, author and storyteller Nisha Coleman tells a personal tale ranging from flatulence to mutism to street performing. Told in her signature comedic style, Nisha tackles the emotional gamut with humour and grace. Self-Exile is a quest away from and eventually back to the self.

Five-time Montreal FRINGE performer, human behind “PHACHINAH”, and darling silly person Maxine Segalowitz builds her first one-woman show, with a whole cast of different characters every night (that’s you!). It’s going to get intimate. It might be confusing. Let’s ease into this experience; and don’t worry, we can talk after.

One woman’s tell-all musical comedy about sex, love and everything in between. Called “a darling of a show” by Capital Critics Circle & On Stage Magazine says “Rachelle Elie has incredible energy”. Apt 613 says “A dynamic performance, moving easily between melancholy and exuberant, conspiratorial and defiant, precious and lewd…”

Australian burlesque queen Becky Lou brings sumptuous striptease, irreverent physical comedy and stories from her life as a woman who has been seen and not heard. “If Dita Von Teese and Zooey Deschanel had a child, that resulting human would be something like the incredibly talented Becky Lou.” ***** – Theatre Guide

The odds of finding your soulmate are 1/10,000. Rosie was one of the lucky ones. Then he got sick. As the Mono that Stole Christmas threatens to steal Adrian away as well, Rosie’s up against the odds to keep her promise: that whatever happens, Adrian won’t face it alone.

Je les ai vus pénétrer dans nos rues, flairant l’air comme des chiens qui cherchent la chienne. C’est nous qu’ils cherchaient. Nous, les femmes. C’est nous qui étions une offense à leur dieu. Nos bijoux, nos cheveux longs, nos sourires de séduction, c’est nous qu’ils voulaient détruire.

In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, the Black Box team offers this homage to all who share their love of the franchise. When the USS Discovery finds a lost colony on the fringes of the galaxy, all is not as it seems. Some wanderers prefer to stay lost.

Quinn isn’t a cool kid. He’s 13 years old. Everything is awkward, and he’s got problems. The Fish Posse is planning to beat him up. He can’t bake a cake to save his grade in home economics. He’s got a serious crush on a girl. What’s a boy to do?

…Heads you also lose. Gerard Harris brings a new hour of touching personal stories about some of his greatest fuckups. “a perfect mix of energy, intellect and self-deprecation” – Art Murmurs, Wellington “A British firecracker… speaks with the speed of lightning strikes…extremely engaging…classic Fringe viewing – The Coast, Halifax

It’s 3 talk shows in one show! Audience members host, guest Mike Carrozza joins every show, and other Fringe stars will also host. Sketches, Comedy, Fun. It’s a silliness jungle gym of dumbdumb fun.

À cause de circonstances exceptionnelles, les spectacles du 16, 18 et 19 juin sont annulés. Tout achat de billets sera remboursé.

This show has pulled out of the festival due to exceptional circumstances.  June 16, 18 and 19 performances are now cancelled. All pre-sales for those dates will be refunded.

A serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles has claimed his sixth victim. A dark comedy/murder mystery about 4 Hollywood actors where one ends up dead and another is revealed as the Freeway Strangler.

Jeff Leard returns to Calgary with his new epic Sci-Fi comedy. It’s got everything you’d expect from a big budget silver screen spectacular; performed by one man with a couple of chairs, a wild imagination, and a whole lot of energy. ***** Unmatched at the Fringe – Edmonton Sun

The conniving producer of an early-80s sitcom tries to phase out the series’ outspoken star only to have the women who work on the show revolt against him. The Kicker is a hilarious comedic play from sketch troupe Big Mall and friends.

Renowned for their lo-fi brand of humpty-dumptruck rock n roll, Hamhock Velvet & The Silky Pillows made it big with their classic album “Warm Mess.” Now almost 50 years later, Hamhock Velvet shares the hilariously bizarre story of the band’s cosmic journey, how the elements came together (& ultimately fell apart) during the making of “Warm Mess.”

TWO magicians. ONE hour. ZERO excuses to miss this show. Join the contemplative Chung and the gregarious McSorley as they perform magical feats ranging from the utterly baffling to the ridiculously absurd, and everything in between.

The Mystical order of the Clavis Argentum is proud to Present to the public, for the first time in history, exciting performances revealing the secrets entrusted to them, in the sincere hope that humanity will be saved from its own hubris in time to avoid tremendous calamity.

Once again Kyle Allatt and Tupper shed light onto the dusty annals of history, and show us the crude sketches of dicks drawn into the margins. From the creator of the No Bull$#!% History of Canada. ****½ SOLD OUT RUN Edmonton Fringe 2015.

At the height of the Klondike Gold Rush, Nellie Garner becomes the first woman to attempt the Edmonton trail to the Yukon. As she confronts the great risks involved in seeking great fortune, the journey becomes a test of her bravery and ambition- and her will to survive.

A comedy about the tragedy of a family, they’re joined by the daughter’s best friend when she moves in temporarily. The secret she brings however becomes the catalyst that sets off everyone else’s journey for love, redemption and understanding within. Will this secret unite or break Those Darn Donavans?

Fringe legend Aaron Malkin of 14-time Best-of-Fest winners James & Jamesy heaves his “casual virtuosity” and “comedic brilliance” into this exquisite Scandinavian folktale. War against a giant leads to an unlikely friendship. Thunderfoot is one of those rare experiences that stays with you long after curtains close. “Ingenious storytelling. Brilliant.”

Comment avoir une vie parfaite? Qu’est-ce qu’une vie parfaite? Jusqu’où le manque d’amour peut amener l’homme à commettre de tels actes? “Trouble” dresse le portrait d’une famille vivant hors des conventions de notre société.

In this award-wining adaptation of King Ubu by Alfred Jarry, anything goes as Poland’s fate is sealed on a tabletop! Your kitchen gear finds a whole new life as two performers hammer-out a small-scale fresco of grandiose buffoonery. Come celebrate the 800th performance of the show during the Montreal Fringe!

V comme VIAN. Là où la poésie et le chant se moquent de la bienséance avec la facilité de jouer sur des mots complexes avec désinvolture. À la manière d’une recherche Google accompagnée de jazz, de swing et de Rock ’n’ roll, six interprètes vont traverser les textes de Boris Vian.

After the bombs fall… after the ashes cool… and after the last Pizza Pop lies a mouldered memory, a Man and his Dog seek a better life beyond the wastes. To get there, they’ll have to leave cannibals, mutants, warlords and a host of improbably bladed vehicles in their nuclear dust.