I have farted myself awake in a strangers bed, taken a pregnancy test in a food court bathroom, and watched my 26 year old boyfriend almost die from a heart-attack. All the ingredients to make…A BITTER SHREW

Broken lives struggle for direction in the ZigZag, an urban crossroads for lost souls and wacky misfits. Join them at Café Simone, at a cosmetics counter, near a park bench, by a dumpster and on a stakeout. In one moment everything can change, imagine what happens in five.

Je pogne des ciseaux. Je me coupe le poil pour qu’y soit beau. J’en garde un peu. Ça fait mon charme, faut que je m’en souvienne. Je coupe en biseau. Ça fera moins mal si on me caresse.

« Awouèye mon beau rabiboché, je te prends pour monture, tu me prends pour parure ! […] On part à l’aventure ! » Épopée fantasmagorique à une voix. Une femme. Une métamorphose. Dans une forêt aux couleurs psychédéliques, une corneille sera véhicule d’une quête insoupçonnée…

A South Park meets Avenue Q style musical set on Wall Street. Jacob, a successful stock broker, falls in love with Catherine, an underprivileged teller, as the financial world crashes around them. Complete with appearances from Ronald Lump, The Middle Class and the greatest class of all: Bums.

Based on the true story of his life, Kevin Carter, Pulitzer-winning photographer, confronts God, his inner Vulture and himself as he is shattered by the loss of his best-friend Ken and his last reasons to live. All stories deserve to be told, but some can be too difficult to hold.

Jeff Leard returns to Calgary with his new epic Sci-Fi comedy. It’s got everything you’d expect from a big budget silver screen spectacular; performed by one man with a couple of chairs, a wild imagination, and a whole lot of energy. ***** Unmatched at the Fringe – Edmonton Sun

After the bombs fall… after the ashes cool… and after the last Pizza Pop lies a mouldered memory, a Man and his Dog seek a better life beyond the wastes. To get there, they’ll have to leave cannibals, mutants, warlords and a host of improbably bladed vehicles in their nuclear dust.