The musical saga continues in… A NEW DAWN. In the not too distant future, when our planet’s President forms an alliance with an evil extraterrestrial empire, it will be up to Captain Aurora and her SkyGuard to save the Republic of Earth… Will they be ready? Mass musical mayhem!

Je pogne des ciseaux. Je me coupe le poil pour qu’y soit beau. J’en garde un peu. Ça fait mon charme, faut que je m’en souvienne. Je coupe en biseau. Ça fera moins mal si on me caresse.

Miranda is curating a used underwear archive. Her boyfriend Dave is stalking women – experimentally. Her sister Eden is tired of giving blowjobs. Is this the end, or just the beginning?

One woman’s tell-all musical comedy about sex, love and everything in between. Called “a darling of a show” by Capital Critics Circle & On Stage Magazine says “Rachelle Elie has incredible energy”. Apt 613 says “A dynamic performance, moving easily between melancholy and exuberant, conspiratorial and defiant, precious and lewd…”

Miss Sugarpuss is in trouble! Since the attempt on her life six years ago, she’s been hiding out in Paris’ bohemian underground, trying to make it as an artiste. But when a mysterious stranger’s arrival throws a wrench in her flimsy plans, her very existence suddenly hangs in the balance.

Two friends begin their journey toward becoming producers. Their task: to find a show worthy of Montreal’s Fringe Festival—or else. While being pitched shows, they’ll discover strange new music, overly-ambitious playwrights, friendship, and the true meaning of “low budget”.

A movement based piece exploring themes of play… childhood…identity…time…growth… All in a, perhaps convoluted but certainly strange, Lynchian non-narative.

When Janis and Jujube, two plucky performers from another dimension receive a mysterious letter, they embark on a quest with their Travelling Exhibition of the Bizarro Obscure. They’ll sing, dance and befriend the weird, because Bizarro Obscure is an ode to the oddest of us ***** -CBC