“Tell me something from when I was little. It doesn’t have to be well said, just give me anything. Give me me.” Truthful, compassionate and warmly funny I Do I Don’t traces the forgotten past of our storyteller, filling in the gaps through recounted memories of her family.

A young adult’s experience confronting ALL the side effects of Stage 4 Cancer and beyond.

At the height of the Klondike Gold Rush, Nellie Garner becomes the first woman to attempt the Edmonton trail to the Yukon. As she confronts the great risks involved in seeking great fortune, the journey becomes a test of her bravery and ambition- and her will to survive.

Présenté en anglais ou en français / Presented in English or in French.
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Contributions volontaires à la porte. / Pay-What-You-Can at the door.

Enwrapped in existential crisis, two cashiers escape into their dreams, where carrots dance, their overbearing boss is a garlic monster, and they can finally beat their rival checkout in a synchronized swimming competition. And you thought you knew your local grocery store. A hilarious, high-energy comedy for the whole family.

Léthargie collective, un spectacle de danse contemporaine percutant. Cette pièce chorégraphique inspirée de l’allégorie de la caverne dénonce les comportements aliénants liés à l’utilisation massive des nouvelles technologies. Une expérience sensorielle qui vous fera prendre conscience de votre propre relation au monde virtuel. Êtes-vous réellement prêt?

Miss Sugarpuss is in trouble! Since the attempt on her life six years ago, she’s been hiding out in Paris’ bohemian underground, trying to make it as an artiste. But when a mysterious stranger’s arrival throws a wrench in her flimsy plans, her very existence suddenly hangs in the balance.

Fringe legend Aaron Malkin of 14-time Best-of-Fest winners James & Jamesy heaves his “casual virtuosity” and “comedic brilliance” into this exquisite Scandinavian folktale. War against a giant leads to an unlikely friendship. Thunderfoot is one of those rare experiences that stays with you long after curtains close. “Ingenious storytelling. Brilliant.”

Australian burlesque queen Becky Lou brings sumptuous striptease, irreverent physical comedy and stories from her life as a woman who has been seen and not heard. “If Dita Von Teese and Zooey Deschanel had a child, that resulting human would be something like the incredibly talented Becky Lou.” ***** – Theatre Guide