A movement based piece exploring themes of play… childhood…identity…time…growth… All in a, perhaps convoluted but certainly strange, Lynchian non-narative.

Have you ever had that dream, where you’re in your underwear in public… except it’s real life and you can never wake up? A “comedy of errors” full of awkward and humiliating encounters, as Carlyn navigates through life, attempting to “adult”.

Quinn isn’t a cool kid. He’s 13 years old. Everything is awkward, and he’s got problems. The Fish Posse is planning to beat him up. He can’t bake a cake to save his grade in home economics. He’s got a serious crush on a girl. What’s a boy to do?

The best dam show! Laissez monsieur castor vous transporter dans une aventure incroyable à travers les forêts du Québec, sous la menace croissante des édifications de l’homme. Get wet witnessing a side of beaver life you’ve never seen. Une production originale de Lost & Found Puppet Co. with puppetry, clowning and animation.

“ pis le moment où y’aura des zombies sur la terre, ou des extraterrestres, ou des Carrés Rouges, j’vais pas tirer… juste que si je le fais, je vais regretter man, je le sens… de tirer sur quelque chose de vivant…” Quatre dudes. Chez Frank. À Laval.

…Heads you also lose. Gerard Harris brings a new hour of touching personal stories about some of his greatest fuckups. “a perfect mix of energy, intellect and self-deprecation” – Art Murmurs, Wellington “A British firecracker… speaks with the speed of lightning strikes…extremely engaging…classic Fringe viewing – The Coast, Halifax

Thomas Leclair, fils de générations de policiers «de pères en fils et de mères en filles», a des choses à dire. Pis surtout, à crier. Bref, on te jase d’injustices sociales variées, en français comme en anglais. Pis tout en mouvement. Avec une dizaine d’acteurs sur scène. Pis bin des chaises.

What do you get when a Quebecoise woman, a 22 year old grad student, and an Orthodox Jewish man show up to a motel room for an anonymous rendezvous? Honesty is a play that asks the audience member to peel off some layers and look into their true Self.