From a swamp in Muskoka to the streets of Paris, author and storyteller Nisha Coleman tells a personal tale ranging from flatulence to mutism to street performing. Told in her signature comedic style, Nisha tackles the emotional gamut with humour and grace. Self-Exile is a quest away from and eventually back to the self.

“ pis le moment où y’aura des zombies sur la terre, ou des extraterrestres, ou des Carrés Rouges, j’vais pas tirer… juste que si je le fais, je vais regretter man, je le sens… de tirer sur quelque chose de vivant…” Quatre dudes. Chez Frank. À Laval.

In this solo production, Performer/Choreographer Nika Stein strips choreography to the essentials of emotional expression. Un voyage de libération à travers différents émotions allant des plus souffrantes comme la peur et la peine à la circulation du plaisir dans le corps. WARNING: EXPLICIT EMOTIONAL CONTENT, NUDITY, AND HAPPY ENDING!

Un monologue à deux voix nous entraine dans une course nocturne folle et crasse à travers Dublin. Cet épopée tragique transformera le destin de Howie et du Rookie à travers les épreuves du matelas galeux, des poissons guerriers, des “bottes” avec la soeur monstre, du combat contre l’enfant-pudding et de la rage commune de la Mouche, de LadyBoy et de tout les autres représentants de cette jeunesse perdue. L’humour noir rencontre la mythologie dans ce récit, un feu roulant qui tient en haleine et qui dérange.

Two of Canada’s most celebrated Fringe artists, comedian Alastair Knowles (of 14-time BEST-OF-FEST winners James & Jamesy) and choreographer Stephanie Morin-Robert (For Body And Light) mix a hilarious and extravagant comedy cocktail celebrating love on the edge of humanity “Fascinating. Ingenious. Intelligent.””This daring and creative production must not be underestimated.”

At 22, Andrew Bailey lived and worked at Windsor Castle amongst knights and royalty. Now he’s touring Fringe festivals. This is the story of where things went wrong. “Bailey has perfected the formula for funny” –Monday Magazine. “Finally, a storyteller with something to say” –The Edmonton Journal

In this award-wining adaptation of King Ubu by Alfred Jarry, anything goes as Poland’s fate is sealed on a tabletop! Your kitchen gear finds a whole new life as two performers hammer-out a small-scale fresco of grandiose buffoonery. Come celebrate the 800th performance of the show during the Montreal Fringe!

In a secret city developing a new weapon to end World War II, a scientist and his assistant plunge into a forbidden love affair. They soon discover that there are some endeavors more volatile than splitting the atom. And just as explosive.