The best dam show! Laissez monsieur castor vous transporter dans une aventure incroyable à travers les forêts du Québec, sous la menace croissante des édifications de l’homme. Get wet witnessing a side of beaver life you’ve never seen. Une production originale de Lost & Found Puppet Co. with puppetry, clowning and animation.

Quinn isn’t a cool kid. He’s 13 years old. Everything is awkward, and he’s got problems. The Fish Posse is planning to beat him up. He can’t bake a cake to save his grade in home economics. He’s got a serious crush on a girl. What’s a boy to do?

Je pogne des ciseaux. Je me coupe le poil pour qu’y soit beau. J’en garde un peu. Ça fait mon charme, faut que je m’en souvienne. Je coupe en biseau. Ça fera moins mal si on me caresse.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Demetrios Karamanis has accused himself of sucking ass; the penalty for which is that he must stop pretending to be an artist and get a real job. “Dude, You Suck!” is a new experiment by the creator of Johnny Legdick and No One Like Hugh. With puppets!

Once again Kyle Allatt and Tupper shed light onto the dusty annals of history, and show us the crude sketches of dicks drawn into the margins. From the creator of the No Bull$#!% History of Canada. ****½ SOLD OUT RUN Edmonton Fringe 2015.

FOLIE’S FOLLIES, Three short plays by Michael Folie about relationships, the good, the bad, and the absurd.

…Heads you also lose. Gerard Harris brings a new hour of touching personal stories about some of his greatest fuckups. “a perfect mix of energy, intellect and self-deprecation” – Art Murmurs, Wellington “A British firecracker… speaks with the speed of lightning strikes…extremely engaging…classic Fringe viewing – The Coast, Halifax

Death and other common experiences… coffee, lightning, flash-floods, laundry and a pinch of salt. Winners of Leipzig’s PALAZZO Award and Hollywood Fringe’s BLAFF Award. After 5 months performing in Europe, these exceptional physical performers bring their latest to Canada. “Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.” – Montreal Hour “GO.” LA Weekly “Incredible” NY Times